Friday, November 2, 2012

Speedboating in the rain

Rainy day - but no problem. P has a list of ideas "mommy and me have to make". Like A SPEED BOAT. He wants a speed boat, to ride the sea waves AND he wants to use 'his making kit (Makedo) I wasn't up to huge piles of cardboard yesterday, so I cheated a bit.

A sled, a shoe box, a Trzy Mysy propeller and the inevitable Makedo...and we are off!


Wait dad, I don't have a license, you have to drive! We also need a seat-belt.

Let me check out the area for police...and sharks...and submarines (we also had torpedoes in the front of the sled, made out of plastic bottles)

 What's that coming? Is that a whale? No, it is a hippo (?!)

The sun is gone, let me put away my glasses.

The boat is tied to our stairs securely, waiting for the next day.

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