Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mOmma - developmental feeding products

Baby I is almost 9 months old. When did that happen?

He is eating more and more solids every day and I have to tote food and water around for him now
wherever we go, because you never know.

I've been eying the mOmma range recently and although I am sure we COULD live without any of these products I am not sure we SHOULD.

I mean, even the washing thingie is insanely cute AND ergonomic.


"The rocking motion of mOmma products stimulates and engages baby during mealtime to promote development. Safe and hygienic, the cups rock but always remain upright so that the tops don't come into contact with the surface of tables or highchairs, ensuring maximum hygiene."

Some of mOmma products are on sale on zulily now, I am getting a Straw cup.

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