Saturday, June 9, 2012

If only I had a Flux

After two weeks we are packing up the apartment and going back to real life. When we are here at the seaside, we live very small. The apartment is only 20 sqm, but perfectly livable, especially if we are lucky with the weather and spend most of the time outside on the terrace.
When the weather gets rough we need to pack out stuff inside though...and it would be sooo much easier with Flux furniture.

Dutch designer duo created this one-piece, foldable, polypropylene chair that looks like a giant envelope and allegedly turns into a designer chair in matter of seconds.

I ma not a necessarily a minimal design fan, and 'designer' is in numerous cases more about the looks than function, but furniture that folds in seconds and can be kept in a wall mount just a little bigger than a tie-rack definitely has my attention. I would love to test drive one of those babes though, to see if they fold this flat even after they have been assembled and sat on for a while.

BUT, what my hear really aches, is actually the little sibling of a flux chair, flux junior!

I would like one of each colour! Foldable kids chairs are without a doubt something I would need. With enough grownup chairs in a flat to stock a smaller theatre, we never have the right number of kids chairs. They really are to die for, I think.

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