Sunday, January 29, 2012

Toddler haircut

P's hair was too long. By too long I mean I loved it, but it was bothering him so it looked like this when he was playing

When it comes to that, I am sure many moms would looove to have a place like FashionKids to go to.

via: DecoPeques
Hairdressers especially for kids, with interiors adapted for little ones and their wishes and needs, they have franchises all over Spain.

And although I am absolutely positive that P would love to stir the wheel of the car-chair, we unfortunately don't live in Spain. BUT we are lucky enough to have a friend, and adopted auntie Biljana (a.k.a. teta Biđa), a lady of many talents some of which you can check out here, so we don't have to go to Spain to cut his hair. We have our on call hairdresser, who is every little bit as colorful as the space shown above, plus she can even cut hair with sewing scissors if opportunity presents itself.

After some chasing around the house, cookie-blackmail and screaming laughter I think I can safely say we are all happy with the result.

and we LOOOOVE teta Biđa.

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