Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sew-vivor: A Sewing Competition

UPDATE: Unfortunately open only for US ctizens!

I seem to be unable to pull myself together, and write a post. I am still spaced out and a bit lost. My blogging time has been taken up by taking care of my colicky baby. I mean, he is only 3 weeks I guess I still have an excuse.
In absence of original content (I have loads of stuff lined up, I am just not able to write it up yet) I have a great announcement for you from Family Ever After.

A sewing competition called Sew-vivor! It's a spin off of the show Survivor, and it's gonna be awesome! 

January 11: Announce Competition, Buttons, and Judges
January 18: Announce Themes and Rules
January 25: Announce Prizes and Sponsors

February 1-29: Auditions accepted all month!
{You can enter ANY sewing project you've made. More info about entering coming next week}.

March 7: Top 10 Contestants announced
March 14: Honorable mention entries featured
March 21: Guest Judges announced (different from main judges, she will choose the contestant who wins "immunity" for the week)
March 28: Sew-vivor Giveaway

April 4: 1st Round of Competition
April 5: Top 8 announced
April 11: 2nd Round of Competition
April 12: Top 5 announced
April 18: 3rd Round of Competition
April 19: Top 3 announced
April 25: 4th and Final Round of Competition
April 26: Winners announced!

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