Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange

I participated in a Handmade Gift Exchange organized by Linda from Craftaholics anonymous. She hosts it twice a year and it is fun!!! I mean, really fun, teenage kind of fun...You apply, and she sends you your partners details. Then you write an e-mail to that person and you wait, all excited, for them to reply and you wander...who is this person, who also applied to send a gift to a total stranger, just for the fun of it.

My partner in this round is Catarina from No lugar que chamo Casa... 
Linda has some extremely cool match-making skills, because Catarina and me have so much in common. Just to name two, we both live in a foreign country, and our kids (she has 2 sons, and I am expecting my second son any day now) are almost the same age. We obviously both love the handmade too:)
Catarina sent me an e-mail yesterday saying my present is on it's way. As if it wasn't exciting enough to just know you are getting a present in your mailbox one of these days, I just found she actually posted my present on her blog, and it is amazingly cooooool, so I can't wait!

Have a look at this:

It is just tooo cute!!!! And I love, love, love the color!

I posted my little package to Catarina today, (my photos from today are useless, sorry about that.) taped with handmade tape

and filled with this:
 and this

Not matchy-matchy as her present. And she saw this bag, because I already blogged about it here, but I am sure she will now understand why I asked her in my first e-mail if she liked yellow. I made this bag with her in my mind and I do hope she likes it:)

You can see some of the other gifts here, I think I can safely say the present I am getting is THE BEST!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE the bag! Is so cute!!!! In this Xmas, she will walk in Lisbon!!!! :-)

  2. All the gifts look fabulous! You both did terrifically!
    Happy Holidays!