Monday, February 13, 2012

Last minute Valentines project

We don't really do seasonal decoration. I don't know anyone who changes their decoration for any seasonal holidays other than Christmas. Including us. But, since I have kids, I have found this to be a good excuse and inspiration to do projects with them. These are still very simple projects, with some cool possibilities and results nonetheless.
This weekend I cut out a number of hearts (considering the HEART holiday coming up) with a plan for P to colour and decorate them in some bright and happy colours. If you would like, you can find the template for our asymmetric heart here. A little did I know that his choice of colour will be brown and his interest in coloring would last for about 5 minutes, or exactly 4 hearts.

So I put away the colours and the fruit of my hard work, cut out hearts and decided to wait till after his nap to do something else, like maybe decorate his room with hearts, but he wouldn't have it. Completely desperate at the thought my hearts will go to waste, I then decided to decorate my living room wall, bring some Valentines spirit in there.

He had a problem with that too. He didn't like my concept and at that point he decided to take things in his own hands.

And this is how it is done. You have yourself a nice kids project, a wall art that makes your living room happy and a prop for taking photos of your children if they let you.

 You can then use the photos to make quirky V-Day greeting cards to send to the family tomorrow:)


  1. So cute!!! Love his new hairstyle
    Rocio from