Friday, June 29, 2012

Camera Day project

As a known sucker for geeky holidays, as seen here I dedicated todays naptime to make myself a cute top.
Not long ago I bought this super soft white top for almost nothing, but it had disproportionally huge armholes.

Since naptime is not too long at this house, I had to be quick and efficient. I just marked the size of the holes using one top that fits me well and sewn through on the outer side of the top. Like this:

Cut of the excess.

By now you must be asking yourselves, what the heck does this all have to do with Camera day, she is resizing a top, big deal!
But it does, because when the top was ready, I printed out a super-cute camera applique (Funkytime provided it for her fb fans a few months back) on a transfer paper and ironed it on.

Note: 1. This is not an applique originally, so the image needs to be mirorred when printed on transfer paper.
          2. The image is b&w, this sophisticated ombre look was acchieved by the toner in my printer being low.

And this is me with my top on.

And for more free printable goodness including cameras jump here or here, to honor this special day:)

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