Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pappet - creative paper toys (interview with Bernardett Perjes)

 Two weeks ago I introduced you to Bimba - wonderfully cool textile toys. Today it is papers turn. Pappet are paper and cardboard toys created by Bernardett Perjes. Not only they are Eco-friendly, they are also creativity boosters. Kids (and parents) get to assemble their own toys that can then can be coloured and decorated to your hearts content. Now, lets hear it from the creator herself:

1. Tell us a few words about yourself. Who is Bernardett Perjes ?

I am 43 years old graphic designer. I deal with all kinds of graphic design, from business cards to billboards or even web design. With digital design I am happy if I get to do some manual stuff. I have a 7,5 years old daughter who is full of pep. Luckily, she also loves to create: cut, colour, paint, glue, weave, bead.

2. What is Pappet? / Why paper?

I love working with paper, it is a well known material available to everybody. People are not 'affraid' of it. On the other hand, it is very versatile and easy to use. My motto is: Give space to kids creativity and desire to create. I can just hope that my toys are inspiring and that they induce the creative process and then move to the background and let the kids create according to their imagination. On the other hand, I hope they can help the less independent ones and show them the way to the nice result. I wish that people who buy my toys find them a 'time well spent', people who will find joy in the finished product but find real joy in creating itself.

3. How did it all start?

Browsing the Internet I came to like cardboard toys and thought it would be cool to create my own version, and think of a smart way to produce them. With time it became difficult to deal with big cardboard toys, so I started turning to smaller toys. Making them up makes me happy, and they can be produced in small series.

4. You have a daughter, to which extent does she influence your work?

Olivia is my first and biggest critic. She'll tell you right away if she likes something or not. Sometimes it is her idea that starts a process. She also enjoys testing finished toys and exhibit pieces are often her making.

    5. What part of the creative process do you like best?

I love brainstorming and experimenting. Creating a demo version and detailing can be a tedious process, but I like doing optimization for manufacturing too. When the toy is finished I usually have to make loads of samples to be put up in shops, but it is really only a problem if the deadlines are tight. If there is time to fuss around I love to make them pretty.

6. Do you have a 5-10-year plan, or do you just do it instinctively?

Things are still happening quite randomly, but I would like to create a system, do it more business like. I'd like to create more opportunities for people to meet with my toys, and maybe take them abroad if the opportunity presented itself.

 7. Favourite Hungarian designers!

Gabriella MakhultDiána NagyLászló Herbszt, Kinga Rofusz, Eszter Schall.

 8. Favourite foreign designers!

There are fantastic things on the Internet. Many times I just feel - why didn't I think of this?

Thank you so much Bernardett! Keep up the good work, we'll be following you along.

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