Friday, March 9, 2012

A very last-minute DIY B-Day Party

P. is 3!

He turned three yesterday and we had a huge party. It was supposed to be on Saturday but due to certain circumstances we had to move it to the actual date. To cut the long story short, I had half a day yo pull this off.

Number 3 everywhere.

 A huge pizza! 
'Small cakes' as he calls them.

 Something fancy for the grownups, using this recipe for The Naptime Chef.

THE Cake

And one very happy little 'BIG BOY'.


  1. Mrak vam je bilo....pusa Pali....pozdravlja ga Pako pas

  2. Yummy! So, I just left the same comment on MamaPeaPod's blog, but, can I hire you for our next birthday party?! ;) You are so creative!!!

    1. Rita, I have to bi nice to you, so you'll be friends with us, and P will have someone to practice English with. So yes, I'll do anything:)

  3. What a sweet party. Love the small cakes and the MASSIVE pizza :). came over from Circle of moms. you and I are nose to nose :)