Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthday Cake Series: #1

Let me tell you something about my cake-making skills! I have none! Not in the classic, bake-a-delicious-cake way anyway. I always make my son's birthday cakes though. I've made 3 cakes in my life. My son is 3, so you do the counting. Although, one of his cakes wasn't technically a cake anyway, but you will see that below in the post tomorrow.

When P's 1st birthday was approaching, I surfed the Internet, browsed through dozens of beautiful cakes, but nothing was really IT. First of all, I learned that kids as small as that, should not have too many kids on their party, because they can not appreciate it anyway, and they will just get confused, which I felt was a load of .... . We attended numerous activities from when he was 6 months old, so he had a bunch of friends at 1.
Second of all, I had a problem with a the usual 'cutting a cake' program of every birthday party. Somehow I didn't see that activity as something 1 year olds would enjoy. This applies to 2 and 3 year olds too. If you have a party with a lot of kids, you want to make it possible for all of them to attack the cake at approximately the same time!

1st Birthday Cake

Cookies, filling made of chocolate pudding, whipped cream and more cookies, topped with apple chips dipped in chocolate. The string I used to tie the whole thing around is also edible. As you can see, this is a NO BAKE cake.

And this is how it is eaten:

They were too cute. So cute in fact, that I decided just now to leave you to enjoy this sight a little longer and continue with my 2nd Birthday cake tomorrow. So stay tuned!


  1. Super ideja, nadam se da ću se sjetit kad idući put budem imala 1. rođendan u kući :) preslatki su klinci :D