Monday, July 23, 2012

Makedo a boat

Way back in March, after we made out cardboard plane I was sent a precious package by Makedo to try out. We've been friends ever since. Some of our creations were lost for good when Daddy formatted the memory card with our photos on, but this weekend we had some serious fun making a boat. I say serious fun, because:
 1. It is always fun to create something from nothing
2. P finally started taking initiative, he had some great ideas and he was really into the whole thing all the way

What you need is a pack of Makedo connector system, a 3 year old full of imagination and some cardboard.

And you can  paddle:

fight the croc

 paddle some more

and then quickly turn on the motor to run away

Check if there are any more crocodiles coming your way

Now that the danger is over, get some rest:

You have a big day tomorrow pulling your brother around in a box

For more on Makedo, visit their cool website, or like them on facebook or twitter for daily inspiration and some great projects from around the world.

Also, dont forget to enter a Pappet giveaway , where you can also win a great toy boosting your kids iimagination.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like so much fun. I love it and I know my two boys would also have so much fun making a boat like this!