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bimba :: design for kids (interview with Diana Barcsi)

I've been busy and it's been ages since I wrote on the blog last time, but I have something really special for you today. When I started this blog, something like this was one of the reasons. To give amazingly creative people from my part of the world a little publicity and do a small part in their launch into the world. And to have an excuse to talk to them.

 Today I am bringing you an amazing Hungarian designer

Who is Diana Barcsi?

I am a textile designer, I graduated from the University of Applied Arts, specializing in textile printing. I live in Budapest, Hungary with my 13-year old son, my 4-year old daughter and my husband.  

What is Bimba and where is the name coming from?

Bimba is coming from the word "pampi". When my son was little, he had a pillow he used to snuggle with all the time. He couldn't pronounce the Hungarian word "párna", which means pillow, so he named it "pampi". Since this little word had a "magic power" in our family I mixed and rotated the letters p a m p i , so the result is an Italian word b i m b a , which means little girl. So, Bimba connects both of my children to the stuff I make.  

How did it all start?

When I started university, my son was already 3 years old, and when I graduated, my daughter was 5 months old. So, children "left their mark" on most of my works. I also realized, that domestic design toys lack quality. After university I decided I wanted to make toys. I had an exam at that time where I had to design pictograms, so I made my first Bimba collection, called zoo-pictograms. Textile books, sleeping animals, pillows are made from them, but nowadays I create dolls, bags, textile jewellery, especially decorated with typical Hungarian motive, called "matyó" pattern.  


Tell us a little about your kids! Do they help you when you design? 

At first they helped me a lot, mainly my son, who was very helpful when I wrote my first nursery rhymes. He gave lots of idea regarding the characters as well. My daughter was a kind of "practical mentor" - she tested the finished toys. Unfortunately after a while they became immune to toys, because of a huge stock...  

Which part of the creative process do you like best when you work?

I love to cut the pattern and saw them. I am like an excited child looking forward to Santa, and opening the gifts.:) The same feeling overcomes me when I create a new pattern design, and make the first screenprint. I adore shopping for fabrics, paint, buttons, ribbons, etc. In general I love making toys altogether, from thinking up the design, to actually making it! ... I don't like marketing, but I'm trying to do my best!  

Do you have a 5-10-year plan, or do you just do it instinctively? 

So-so. I like to plan, but in practice I am an emotion based designer. I always feel what is needed for development and try to keep it up. Of course there are obstacles, but I enjoy to solve problems!:) So I go would be nice to have my own showroom/workshop, supply increase and more publicity.

Favourite Hungarian designers!

Kiskakas, Manuela, Schall Eszter, Picidia, Steiner Lídia, MaraFactory, Pucc, Esterda...  

Favourite foreign designers!

Kase-faz, Revoluzzza, Sassandperil, Marimekko, Jane Foster, and Scandinavian designers in general.

Thank you Dia!!!

Check out more of Bimba products on her website or blog, follow her on facebook, or go shopping here.

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