Monday, February 20, 2012

The cheapest cool lamp, or the coolest cheap lamp EVER

You need:

IKEA HEMMA cord set
drill. screws, plug connector

And enjoy!

Piece of advice: if you are going to use it above your kids reading nook, use a LED bulb, those don't get hot, if your kid decides he wants to touch it, as mine does.

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  1. Hi! how did u manage to get the cable out of the Hemma cord set? i can't figure out how without breaking it....

    1. Hi, the white plastic part (where the arrow is on the photo) can just be taken off, you don't need that since this is for hanging the cord on the ceiling. The 'cap' part has a little screw on top. You can also cut one piece of the cord off, if length is not an issue for you. So to make it clear, we don't touch the part where the bulb is, but the other end of the cord.

    2. oh thanks! so how did you get the blue cable? i searched my local ikea store but the cord set only comes in black or white.. :(

    3. Yes, it seems they don't do them in colour anymore:( I stocked up about a year ago, when out local Ikea was selling them out. They used to have them in green, red, yellow and blue. It is a pity really, because it was an OK alternative to expensive textile cables.

  2. the simplest and beautyful!