Thursday, October 17, 2013

Piktopest - Kids souvenir collection from Budapest

Souvenirs are a dear subject to me. Many years ago we started buying magnets on our travels. That seemed like a sensible thing to do, it is small, easy to carry and it hangs on your fridge all the time, and whenever you see  it you remember the good times. But, truth be told, even though there are some beautiful magnets out there, most souvenir fridge magnets are crap. Crap dear to your heart nevertheless. So it happens, that because I had a certain number of magnets on my fridge, my friends got the idea that I was collecting them, and they started bringing me magnets from places I've never been. The whole crap-collection started losing it's appeal, I couldn't connect to it any longer, except at moments when I was picking them off the floor and swearing. Needless to say, when we moved I packed them all in a box, where they are still resting in peace. I have this great series over at Eastok Europe, where I tell you all about the souvenirs you will never want to hide in the box.

Budapest based graphic designer Zita Majoros, who also happens to be my friend (our sons are actually friends, we just sort of tag along:) and the owner of a cool design concept store Printa Budapest, where the best coffee in town is served, has created a kids souvenir collection called Piktopest.
I am normally not too crazy about souvenir T's, but Printa T-shirts are really cool even outside the souvenir category. We're still in love with the one P got for his birthday last year. And could you resist a T-shirt with pooing dog on it? If you've been to Budapest don't think so:)
Printa has a great grownup souvenir selection too AND they have a contest going on at the moment called Love in Print Phrase Contest, if you have some original thoughts on Love submit them here, you might land some Printa stuff if you win.

What kind of souvenirs do your kids get when you travel?

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  1. Super brand, jednostavno ali efektno. Veliki like :)