Friday, February 8, 2013

Carnival series with Beatrix Bohony from Marbushka

 I am so happy to have a chance to host the carnival series with these incredibly creative moms. Today we have with us Beatrix from Marbushka. She made the most amazing costume for her daughter last year, have a look!
What do you and your family do for carnival?

We’re very excited for Carnival. Bojka because she wants to be the prettiest, and me because I want to turn even her wildest ideas into a reality. Making the „night” costume was a serious challenge, but I accepted it because I liked that she came up with such an extreme idea. 
This was the gaudiest one so far, thought it is true that there were signs that Carnival time would be difficult in my life… e.g. earlier she gave me a hard task by wanting to be a rose bush, and making that wasn’t simple either. Plus I wouldn’t have thought there could be more… But it’s very enjoyable that Bojka wants to actively participate in creating the costume. It’s a joy to watch how she creates her concrete ideas (or parts of them) more and more independently.

Do you all dress up, or just kids?

We grown-ups don’t usually dress up, but I have to admit she put a bug in my ear now. I imagined the possibilities, what I would choose… the idea got me quite excited. Earlier we had a face-painting party, but it’s not the same. I don’t know whether I’d be as creative as Bojka. I’m sure I’d ask her advice on what kind of costume I should choose.

Any special foods?

We don’t have particular traditions regarding holiday foods. We give it our all every day, at every dinner, so it will be a worthy, relaxing end to a day, so somehow only the bigger holidays leave their mark on our culinary habits. We love carnival donuts without reservation nonetheless. :-)
This is incredible Beatrix, thank you!
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