Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 1

Kids Clothes Week Challenge is on again. I can not explain to you what this means, and what sense of crazy it brings out in me, and apparently many other women around the world. For one week twice a year hundreds of women sew like maniacs and probably have hard time thinking about anything else, but what's new in that flickr pool today.

When I first joined one year ago I had one little boy, I was pregnant and very, very busy. I was also having a break from sewing...for about 10 years. Yes, you read that right! 10 years! So KCWC basically brought back sewing into my life.
Sewing for kids is really rewarding. It is much more forgiving if it doesn't fit perfectly, everything looks cute on them. In addition to that, P is very proud to wear something I made for him. He find it fascinating that I made this on "that machine for sewing".
So, this is my 3rd KCWC, and I am still only doing simple things my (now 2) boys need and trying to make my re-purposing piles a little smaller.

Baby I got loads of hand-me-downs in perfectly wearable condition, but some pieces could be called everything but stylish. So with slight delay due to some problems between me and my friend the sewing machine, which even resulted in me publicly expressing hatred towards it on my facebook page, we managed to turn one little sweats from ugly to funky with help of that same sewing machine, cleaned and oiled, scissors, and my old turtle neck.

* Update to the post to answer a question from Megan below in comments:
In case of this particular pair of sweats, with a very old fashioned high-waist pattern I was able to just use the lowest part of the crotch to start cutting. I measured how wide I wanted my leg to be and in this case there was no place to maneuver. Sewing for babies and toddlers is really cool if you want to experiment like this, and with slouchy pants being so popular now, you can go completely crazy:)
I did the same with Buttnumbered sweats, blue sweats, and these too. Ugly PJs are the same story, but the were huge so they came out veeery slouchy, which is not a problem for a pajama pant and he can wear it till school:)

 Wide waistband without elastic is the actual turtle neck from my turtleneck, it just needed to be sewn on. The original plan was to also have long cuffs, but we can still do it when he grows a bit more.

Check out my ugly to cool refashion from last KCWC.


  1. So cute! Good idea, I'll make something like this...
    It's a Bimba rattle in his hand, isn't it?;)

    1. Yes!:) The worlds cutest rattle, of course (

  2. Love these pants! Thanks for the inspiration, now I know how to lengthen the legs of my daughter's pants so she can wear them for a bit longer.

  3. Do you have a pattern or technique that you use to change the shape of your pants? They are super cute and I'd love to try it out.

  4. Excellent! Thank you so much. I can't wait to chop into all the big baggy hand-me-downs I have :)

  5. This is soooo cute. I absolutely love your style!

  6. Katie, I am so happy to hear thta. Thank you!