Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carnival series with Valentina Vovk from Studio13

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Carnival season is coming is almost over. I Am happy to introduce you to Valentina from Studio13. She is my first guest from Slovenia so make sure you roam her beautiful web-site.

 What do you and your family do for carnival?

Usually there is not a lot of preparations  going on before the carnival day, just baking mania. My older boy (Natan) is the one who decides what kind of costumes they will wear, the younger one (Nil) usually agrees and get all excited about the character.
Natan had this funny experience when he was still in kindergarten. He dressed up as a strawberry and all the other boys were some kind of a heroes, so he ended up a bit dissatisfied that day. From that time on he usually decides for more conventional costumes.  I have my own ideas about how they should dress up, but do not want to push them into something.

This year the boys went skiing with my sister so there were no preparations. Last year Natan was a clown and I just sewed trousers for him. Nil was dressed up as a Ninja and we had to buy a costume days before the carnival. He was trying it on and playing with it all the time.

Do you all dress up, or just kids?

Oh no, unfortunately we seem to became less amusing as we grow older. I think I dressed up last time when I was still a student. But there is a carnival party, near to our house,  which we attend every year and there are some parents that dress up. Maybe next year we will come out with a costume idea for the whole family. That would be amusing.

Any special foods?

Of course there is a ridiculous number of donuts eaten during the carnival days. My mum and my mother in law are the ones that know how to bake them and they make sure we have enough of them. I'm baking something similar to donuts, but much simpler . Do not know the English term for these cakes, but we call them “miške” (little mice). 

 We need a lot of those, because kids go door to door and we have to be prepared :)

Thank you so much Valentina for participating!
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  1. Thanx for inviteing me Petra. This series posts are lovely idea.